Before we go:

This site has been successfully online for several months now. Thank you for all the kind and constructive comments. Just like this site, my art continues to develop. With the same joy of doing as in the beginning, my spectrum of images grows steadily.

Just like last year, my pictures can be admired on a variety of events and markets. You will find all dates an locations on the bottom of this page. Maybe we meet there and have a little chat? I look forward to!

By the way: all my paintings are unique and for sale. Do you like one?

Just feel free to contact me!

My English isn't that good, so I use a translationprogram.

I hope the translations are understandable.

About me


Until now

Until now

Until now

Until some time ago, my YouTube suggestions only included videos related to kayaking and canoing.

To keep it simple: I love this water-sport very much.



Until now

Until now

But suddenly there was a suggestion about Pouring in my list. I was so excited about it, I went right for it. AND, it still excites me. Videos of John Beckley from France appeared later. He paints grandios abstract pictures. I'm thrilled about that, too.



Until now


The procedure of painting my pictures exites and brings me a lot of joy.

I would like you to join this experience with me. Just have a look at my gallery. If you are impressed with one of the pictures (or two, or ...), feel free to contact me.

They are available for purchase.

Please contact me

I'd love to be there for you.

I appreciate my customers very much and I am glad you visit my website. How can I help you?


Unterhaching, Bayern, Germany

+49 151 40 52 35 03